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E.Z. Times, the first stop on the road to Paradise

E-Z Times Outfitters was opened in 1989 by Jeff Celski. The property was originally a gravel quarry. When Jeff bought the land it had a lot of trees on it with a small stream.

It was with great expectations that he was able to get this business up and running. He started out by hauling in the first few horses, on a daily basis. They would be tied to a hitching rail where the public would be able to see them from the highway.

With hard work and tenacity that Mr.Celski was able to get the many trails up and safe enough for the horses to carry patrons through them.

EZ_Times_About_usE-Z Times Outfitters has been in business now for 24 years. With the time put in comes the experience of knowing the land and the sights associated with it. Jeff is still taking groups out on rides, though not so many anymore. He has volunteers for that, they come in and help with the group rides now.

The trails range from easy going to the harder ones for the more experienced riders. We cover all terrains out here in the Elbe Hills. There are different sights that can be seen from our numerous trails that we have. Some of the more traveled trails take us to different places where you can see Alder Lake and/or the Nisqualy River.

EZ_Times_About_us_1There are also trails that we use that take us up so close to Mt. Rainier that it’s as if you could reach out and grab the snow off of her. One of the advantages of being on horseback is that you can see all Mother Nature has to offer…from the deer and elk to the black bear or even the Mt. lion that live out here. Plus you have the numerous birds that you can see or hear in the distance.

Our horses are very gentle and a pleasure to ride.

We are located in Elbe, Washington which originally was a logging town. We are aprox. one hour from Tacoma and Olympia and less than two hours from Seattle and Vancouver. We are only 15 minutes from Mt. Rainier, where there is an abundance of activities to do as well.




Jeff Celski: Owner
27 yrs. experience

About Jeff

I moved here in 1989, after many years of hunting fishing hiking and Mt climbing in the area. There was no trail system at all in the Elbe hills state forest. I developed all the trails we use for the trail ride business with several years of hard, but to me very enjoyable labor. In 1990 the state of Washington created a 22,000 acre equestrian trail system on the property next to mine. Very nice for me, as they built many miles of trails and a couple of campgrounds, all maintained by volunteers. There are many different trails available and the farther you go the more beautiful it gets. The easier trails meander through alder, cottonwood, fir and hemlock forests with all kinds of ferns, berries and wild flowers. During the fall it’s nice to grab a handful of huckleberries or blackberries, as you ride along.